about us

Company presentation

Cevi was founded in 1971 as a subregional information technology center for provincial governments, municipalities and CPASs in East and West Flanders.

Since 2004, Cevi has been part of ADINFO NV, of which NRB (Network Research Belgium) has been the main shareholder since September 2010.

With the integration of Logins, Siggis, AbiWare, SDP-ActaLibra and Verdi, more than 300 Cevi employees dedicate themselves every day to our Belgian customers.

Products and services

Cevi provides ICT products and services (Information & Communication Technology) mainly to (local) governments and related administrations such as police, fire departments and interlocal cooperation organizations.

With a combined staff of more than 300 professional employees and more than 50 years of experience in ICT support, Cevi has specialized in providing modern and reliable integrated
systems that automate your organization. Cevi is not only a system integrator but also a provider of total solutions: in addition to ICT products, we offer you a whole range of services.

Thanks to our staff’s accurate knowledge of ICT and the legislation that governs many of the applications you use, Cevi offers the following:

  • The analysis, design, development, testing and installation of software;
  • training and support and special topic training in the use of software;
  • Advice and support in the development of your ICT policy;
  • hardware (PCs, printers, servers …) for your specific needs;
  • the installation, configuration and repair of your hardware fleet and the integration of innovative technologies such as antivirus, backups, firewalls, storage, telework …;
  • IAAS and SAAS in the cloud;
  • importing and managing large databases;
  • specialized advice in the many policy areas;
  • The implementation of a mid-office system to optimize your services to citizens.

Organizational structure

Our flat organizational structure is made up of multiple specialized departments offering a variety of products and services for the various policy areas of the (local)

  • taxes, accounting and financial services;
  • civic affairs;
  • management of hardware and software, in the cloud and on premise;
  • wages and HRM;
  • document management, secretarial applications and midoffice;
  • zoning and permitting;
  • applications for CPASs, Welbi;
  • applications for residential and care centers and home services;
  • Development, integration and maintenance of GIS systems;
  • software for notaries;
  • software for ambulance services, police and emergency response zones