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At the core of the Cevi Group are two leading brands known as the pioneers of IT solutions for local governments. Headquartered in Ghent, Cevi focuses primarily on East and West Flanders, while Logins, based in Mechelen, serves the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant.

Cevi/Logins develops customized software for local governments, including solutions for financial services, civic affairs and land use planning. We offer comprehensive support and provide appropriate hardware, allowing us to provide a complete solution that takes the burden off the customer.

Siggis specializes in the integration, development, training and support of geographic information systems (GIS). In addition to Belgium, Siggis also operates in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Africa. Siggis stands for “Spatial Intelligence Genuine & Generic IT Solutions”: integrating spatial intelligence into organizations’ business processes.

Siggis always stands for a focused and pragmatic approach. Thanks to our extensive experience in various fields and a healthy mix of trained and experienced personnel (computer scientists, engineers and spatial scientists), Siggis is able to quickly adapt to the specific needs of the users.

With total solutions, SDP ActaLibra has long been a fixture as a service provider for Belgian notaries with more than 5,000 employees who rely on these tools every day. To do this, they provide software for file management, accounting and supplement it with our cloud solution, so that all data is always securely stored and accessible.

With offices Gavere and Namur, this allows them to reach all of Belgium and offer solutions in French and Dutch.

AbiWare is a software company with a heart for emergency services. With software solutions, AbiWare aims to contribute to the efficient operation of emergency services, especially the fire, ambulance and police departments.

The emphasis is on offering user-friendly software that grows with future needs and technologies, and providing customized services that guide the customer with satisfaction.

Verdi is the market leader in Belgiumfor providing integrated emergency communications solutions and multi-channel dispatching. Verdi supplies fire zones, hospitals, police departments, defense and residential care centers.

VERDI was initially developed for and together with several fire zones in Belgium and is currently being used as a CORE application in 19 of the 34 Assistance Zones in Belgium. From there, solutions have also been developed for hospitals, ambulance services and companies.